Let’s Get Educated!

Consumers and real estate professionals alike understand a little knowledge goes a long way


Welcome to our visual platform. A virtual classroom where we educate and enlighten our customers by increasing their knowledge.

In an ever-evolving market. Title 101 Is a comprehensive visual education platform that offers videos that are designed to educate our clients, professionals and novices alike!

For the first-time buyer, we simplify the mysterious process of the real estate transaction and closing process in short, easy to view videos.  From the basics of “What is Title Insurance” and “What To expect at closing” to understanding Underwriters, we believe that the more informed you are, the more comfortable you will be.   We are accessible to all and will answer all your questions.  No query is too small.  We are here to assist you.  Simply ask and we will answer.

For the real estate professional, we have Topical webinars and videos covering a variety of subjects and programs that can enhance your knowledge and keep you updated on cutting edge technology and advancements in the rapidly changing and high speed field of real estate.  Stay updated and educated.  E-Title Direct is rapidly creating a niche in an industry that is constantly advancing and developing.  Keep track of the latest trends and NY Real Estate Law.

We believe that to succeed, we must always keep learning and so should you.

You may even be lucky enough to meet many of our satisfied clients and partners that we are privileged to serve.  To know us is to love us, because we know that people do business with those they trust.  Kick back, get comfortable and find all you need, right here.

Title Insurance 101 – What Is It?